Chris Jorden

To put it bluntly there is an image of a dead bird (House Martin) on my latest exhibition invite. To me its a beautiful thing, to some it's not very nice, and as for my mothers comments;
"Oh the poor wee birdy, why de want to go an photo a terrible thing like that.." (says the woman who kills spiders and bumble bees on site well what can I say), well what can you say.
I can only imagine that Chris Jorden has an even worse time than me with his latest series 'Midway. Message from the Gyre' (pictured above). There beautifully shot with the mix of grey and colourful, and wonderfully composed, but that doesn't stop me from being at a loss for words of just how to feel about these images.
Ones thing I do know is that my 'Birdy' didnt have such a cruel death as these poor things which probably suffered from the worse case of indigestion imaginable.
I do think there's too many images in the Midway series as once you get to the end (especially if you do the slide show) they tend to lose there impact a bit and your just looking at skeletal birds. One was probably enough, at least that's what I would of done, and did for that matter.

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