In a time of reflection I sat down on this beautiful frosty morning with a pot of coffee and for the first time looked all the way through my website from start to finish, thats all 227 images. You may be fooled into thinking that I do this all the time along with Googling my name, but as a matter of fact its something I have never done. Its a bit like an actor who never watches the film they've just made, or the singer who never listens to their music. For the last few years I have just added and taken away although its now clear that there's way too many images on the site. There's not much of a running order on there either, but it doesn't seem to matter. Basically Its a big jumble, but you know what I dont really give a hootarooney. I wouldnt dream of showing this much work to anyone, not even in a book, but as a place to go and remind myself of the places I have been and the things I have seen, well its just great and a lot easier than going through boxes of prints (but of a lesser quality of course..)
Go make a cuppa, take a look. It will take you about twenty minutes...


mark page said...

I often do.

marcus doyle said...

What a nice fella.
Adding new stuff next week.