I got a phone call late last night from Fuji after they saw my piece regarding the demise of Kodak Ti X Film. They told me that they would supply, develop and even print all the film I could possibly need providing I give them a quick mention on B Mode. They even offered a one of those folding Fuji 6/7 cameras after reading my story on the death of my wife's Pentax a few months ago. I then awoke in a cold sweat shaking my pillow and crying "why oh why, dam your green boxes".
After convincing my wife (and the puppies) that I am not crazy I lay in a pool of sweat as a 'Thought Worm' took shape and I tried to imagine a world without film. I eventually came to the conclusion that soon I would be like a photographer of old, but rather than using something like a sensitized wet copper plate, I would be using the last few remaining sheets of film in the world and have to process them in my bath with some fairy liquid and an old ice cream tub (not really possible) due to lack of photographic chemicals. That day may be coming, but I just hope my Fairy Liquid doesn't run out before then..

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