The Green Door..

When I was doing my A Level in Photography I borrowed my dads old Blue Triumph Dolomite and persuaded a nice looking blonde lass (thats Northern talk and not disrespectful) to bring some dresses along as we headed for Carlisle Airport for my first fashion shoot.
The sun was shining and the Museum part of the Airport open for all. It was a great place for taking pics and we could go anywhere we liked including the plane cockpits (so you could pretend to be in Top Gun, but sadly my model was no Kelly Magillis). You could even walk up and down the plane wings of the old Vulcan Jet retired many years before and jump up and down on the gun turrets.
I had often thought of heading back to the airport as part of my Border City series and finally made it last week, but sadly without the blonde lass this time (or Kelly). It was just how I remembered. The Vulcan Jet, a few helicopters and several fuselage type objects. Nothing had changed, except one major factor. The Airport was sold to a private buyer a few years ago with the promise of regular express flights to London, great for visiting the folks I thought. Well not only did this not happen the dipstick who bought the airport decided to make the whole Muesum off limits to the public using the old 'threat to national security' excuse and so now its all totally private and off limits. Of course there is talk of re opening the museum to the public in the form of 'school trips' but I cant see it myself.
Well no one was going to stop my reminiscing and I walked in to the grounds like I had just bought the place (amazing what a luminous vest can do) and started snapping away..
So basically that's it and after a bit of looking over my shoulder I had quite a nice time once I got over my Doyley Rage (Do these people think someone is going to build a jet engine, install it and then take out the town in a fifty year old Vulcan Jet!). As for the image above, as usual things aren't quite what they seem. Look closely at the fuselage, some twits fitted a green front door to stop people getting in the cock pit and spoiling their dreams of taking out a MIG or playing Net Ball with Ice Man.

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