I have never for one moment believed that a photographer can be good at photographing everything. Any photographer that makes such claims is a fraudster and a twit.. Of course tell anyone who's not a photographer that you are a photographer and they will ask you to photograph their wedding, their children and then their pets even though the photographer may make their living shooting buildings and perhaps interiors or maybe interiors with a few people dancing, at a push..
I would like to think that I can take the odd nice landscape and as a matter of fact I could probably get back into doing the odd nude if I put my mind to it. But give me a dog (or in fact any beast) and I'm useless. I found this out today and will not pretend otherwise, What a load of crap I produced...! The fact that the dog was my own did not make things any easier as he thought it was some kind of punishment..

Its not unlike that show on TV that gets pop singers to try and do Opera, and what a stupid idea that is.

Of course there is always the goody-two-shoes who can do pretty much anything, TopGun types that get on my nerves doing this, and dabbling in that. But hey, no one likes a smart arse..


Anonymous said...

I think you have taken a great dog pic there, a bit odd with the fang thing but memorable. Don't sell yourself short!

marcus doyle said...

I was trying to get the dog to look at the camera..
The fang always sticks out (you should see my other dog!)

mark page said...

Marcus I like it! I love animal photography though always have. It's a Genre that gets overlooked though is'nt it? Perhaps because it's so hard to do, not only the actual getting the pesky critters to stay still but also to avoid cheese, cliche etc.

marcus doyle said...

Stay tuned. There will be more....