Now I have been at this photography lark for a while now and there's not usually anything you can do or say that I haven't seen or heard before, especially when it comes to galleries. That was until Mark over on Manchester Photography (and a few others I might add) brought to my attention 'The Vanity Gallery' which simply put is a gallery that will offer you a show with the promise of huge returns, but on the condition that you pay them upfront.

Heres how it normally goes, (please note some galleries may do things a little different like share the costs of the prints and recoup it later).

The artist delivers the prints. The gallery frames the prints. The price of the frame is added onto the price of the work so the gallery can recoup the costs. The gallery sells the prints at an agreed price. The photographers gets his 50% (eventually).

At no point should a photographer have to lay out cash and pay for a show. There exhibiting there not buying shares in the gallery..

Anyway, without getting too carried away heres the story in a bit more detail.
It really is an outrage and I am behind Mark on this 100 percent on this one..

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