How does he do it....

I have to admit to going off the work of goody-two-shoes Edward Burtynsky for a while after seeing his Quarries exhibition at the Flowers gallery here in London last year which left me as cold as the marble in those gi-normous quarries. But boy oh boy does his new book Oil make up for it. This is by far the best body of work I have seen from Master Burtynsky, and its vast. Split into four sections; Extraction, Detroit, Transportation, and The End of Oil. Its simply mind blowing.
Here's a link to Eddies work, but if you like this guy I would urge you to buy the book as the website just doesn't do the work justice. (large format, big prints, small images, etc..)
It was the image above that made me buy the book at once and carry it around all day like a small weekend bag..

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mark page said...

Mammoth! And God could you imagine having a helicopter as part of your camera kit!