Its like a small cabbage..

There's some new work on my website if you care to take a look. Rather than just add more images I tend to replace other work so's not to saturate your minds.. Most of the images are in New Work (of course) and there's a few in Border City which is now complete although there is another fifty images to this series not on the Web.
Regarding the Border City work, its always a little odd deciding when a project is finished. I believe only the photographer can decide when this actually happens, and when it does happen, its usually a real anti climatic event, not unlike tasting food an American has told you is the greatest tasting thing on the planet (like the time an American friend told me of this English vegetable I trust had to try, it was like nothing else you've ever tasted. It was in fact a Brussel Sprout). Anyway, its hard sometimes to find closure especially when its something as personal as the Border City series, but there you are...

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