And so at the end of my three day printing marathon (which I have to say I found quite torturous) I met up with an old college friend Danger Dave otherwise known as David Denny. I have always liked DD's work and find it free, unrestricted and fluid in its approach. A kind of 'of the moment' body of work if you like.
We spoke of college days when we where popular with the ladies and ate pies on Blackpools sea front, and then of our frustration with the industry and how no one seems to be admitting they are skint and have no work...
Daves passion for his work always comes across when he is talking about photography and we both came to the conclusion that it was better to struggle and do what you love rather than sail through life and have a job that you hate. In fact we both realised how few of the people that we were at college with actually still make pictures... And so after weeping into our coffee cups we walked to the tube in the rain like reunited brothers under cover of my new Wind Proof umbrella....
You can see Daves work here.

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