Having just read Robert Adams Beauty In Photography this morning over a pot of coffee (thank you Miss Noble for the recommendation) I am now inspired to extend the tripod legs and unfold my dark cloth in search of images a new. Its a truly wonderful and honest read and should don the shelf's of every photographers home (although you will probably have to order it as there seems to be few in the bookshops).

Lately I have spent a lot of time reading things on line and have to admit I have stopped buying newspapers altogether mainly due to the fact that I am a fair bit away from any news agent and also find most news papers to be biased wining rot. So I was intrigued to read Greg Ceo's 'Are You Under 25, When Was The Last Time You Bought A News Paper'. Its an excellent article and raises some good points, in particular this quote;
“If you won’t pay to see someone else’s work, why do you expect people to pay to see your work?” ”How do you expect to make a living as a photojournalist?” ”Who is your audience?”
Something I had never even thought of. Ironic I found this via the British Journal of Photography while reading it for free on line...

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