Well I thought my mother was the only one reading this blog and although she admitted to losing interest after my first post, she still has a look now and then. But as I was not about to begin writing about 'Cross Stich' and 'knitting patterns' to keep mum happy I thought I would continue the therapy of the mighty B Mode writing. So now here we are 18 months later, up and down like a flaming rolla coaster.
After my Jerry Maguire style rant I had an overwhelming amount of encouraging responses both in email and comment. So much so I feel like taking my clothes off and producing a limited edition series of nudes available only on this blog. Of course I wont be stripping and will continue my honest blogging and try to keep a pulse on this diverse subject.

Thanks be to all. Now where's my pants.


kieron@mac.com said...

M - definitely keep your pants on. Beyond your Doylemint Rhino fantasties, a Phase One P45/P45+ or P30/30+ will give you upto a one hour exposure. A P65+/40+ will only go to 60secs max.
Hassy - nice cameras, always, but a closed system. whereas the world these days is kind of open.
Call Teamwork, they'll lend you a P45+ for a weekend or so.

marcus doyle said...

Thanks for that. I'm on it...