I can only imagine that the announcement for the winner of this years Blurb book contest left quite a few people in tears, especially for the ones who thought they would win the mighty $25,000 prize and may have just bought a new Hassleblad or something of similar value..
Its very clear why Rafal Milach won this years coveted prize as his book does not look like the usual crappy Blurb quality and he has used the process well, plus his work is superb.
Lets face it, we have all had a go and tried to fool people that we have just had a book published (taking the logo out fools no one!). The dead give away with Blurb (apart from the reproduction which looks like a colouring book due to its 4 colour printing process (my canon desktop has 12) is the fact that when you pick the book up, it falls apart. For Holiday snaps and hand outs to friends its fine, for anything else its absolute pants.
I should also point out that I consider 99 percent of the Blurb entries to be, well, not worth the paper they are printed on.

Everyone these days has;
A Website.
A Blog.
A photography book published,
A digital camera.
No technical understanding of photography.
The ability to think there work is brilliant and better than anyone else's.

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