The Return..

Back with a bang and my second showing of the North Shore series went down a treat in the new Getty venue at Canary Wharf. For those of you that don't know the Wharf or indeed have not been for a while I would encourage you to pop along even if it just to pretend your on the set of Minority Report.
A big thank you for to all who attended especially that beautiful women that offered to buy all my work if I spent the night with her. But sadly upon further discussion she could only offer me monthly payments of five pounds, so I had to pass..
Lies aside it was a great night and now only time will tell as to its success..

On a much sadder note I spent the last ten days in the North land with my family as my dear old Grannie of 102 slipped away peacefully in her sleep. I have often heard of photographers being emotionally charged with things like the death of a loved one or some other tragic event (seems fitting to mention 911 ). Personally I was compelled to photograph objects that triggered memory, in particular things I associated with my childhood, like a toy for instance or an old book. I spent one whole day doing this and I have to say they where the hardest pictures I have ever made. The last shot I did was my Grannies jewellery box, a gut wrenching experience, but something I felt I just had to do. After I pressed the shutter I felt like never making another image ever again. It was as if there was nothing left to photograph.
As photographers we have a duty to be true to ourselves sometimes. Photography is important, Its important to the photographer. .

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