I couldn't help but notice today that Todd Hido is having a new exhibition at the Bruce Silverstein gallery in New York. At first I found it quite odd that old Hidey Ho (he wont read this) was showing his 'Roaming' series again which to be honest I seen in the flesh and didn't take much notice. But no, this new work 'The Road Divided' is apparently completely new, but I guess if you are going to shoot an entire exhibition through a dirty car window eventually its going to start getting repetitive. Maybe that's what you get when you cant be bothered to get out of your car and set up a tripod, but to be honest though a lot of those scenes are snowy and it looks quite cold..
I am hoping at this very moment you are feeling shocked at my apparent hatred of all things Hido, but this is certainly not the case at all. I consider Todd to be a photographer of great merit with his over sized book 'Outskirts' becoming a triumph in the photographic book realm and an influence to every night time photographer wandering the dark streets and looking like a potential shoe burglar.
I kind of lost interest in Hido's work when he started photographing girls in dirty rooms he had just emptied (I posted the video on here somewhere under Hidey Ho or Hide and Seek or something) and then of course with his Roaming series which he should of just called A Road Divided. I could go on and on, and on, but that's just dull, besides there's a much darker reason for my dislike of all things Hido which is this; Every time I show someone one of my night series, especially if theres a house in it, they will automatically say; "Oh look, its just like one by that Todd Hido fella". Oh, and theres also the fact he was one of the judges for the blurb book competition and never even gave me a mention! (probably because he's jealous..)

Sure he's a nice chap though.

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