The Hidden and Unfamiliar.

There's a great little talk by Taryn Simon here.
She has certainly projected herself into photographic stardom with her fasinating work. To be honest I was always more interested in the content of Taryn's work more than the actual photography and was a little put off by the fact that all her images require a lot of necessary text. But once you study the work and look a little deeper it really is top drawer with the images and text form a unique look at things we rarely talk about, this my friends is real talent.
Sometimes a photographer just seems to pop up from nowhere and you think to yourself 'Where did they come from?' and 'Why are they suddenly getting all the glory when thy have only been around five minutes?'. But the truth is, they have probably been working away for years to produce a large body of work, this takes real commitment and a belief in what they are doing. Most of all it deserves a proper look..

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