I happened to visit my little wife in the studio today which I sometimes do. Watching her working away in the studio has always reminded me of when I would build up a sweat behind the camera shouting things like 'move that leg' or 'hide your boobies please'. It seems so much more straight forward in the studio not having to rely on mother nature for the ingredients of the shoot. I also like the finality of a studio session. You set up, you shoot, you pack up you go home. So often when out in the field I will be travelling back exhausted and drained only to see some magnificent potential scene and just have to set up the camera again..
The now semi famous shot here was taken only after having spent four days stuck in a hotel room in Iceland due to the worst weather imaginable. I was on route to the airport when the rain and hail stopped and the sun started to peek through the clouds. It was at this moment that I spied the Blue Pool and made the shot..

Landscape photography is like a straight narrow road with the location at the end of it. But first you have to get past the junctions....

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