Captains Log.

It has come to my attention that my last 'captains log' entry was something of a misery. Having actually gone back and read my last post it does indeed bring hopelessness to the nation which was not my intention at all.
I am indeed an optimist, always have been, and certainly could not do what I do if I didn't constantly look on the lighter, brighter, champion ultimate fighter side of life.
When I was seventeen I bought a beat up T90 35mm camera for £150 pounds from my art teacher. I never really liked the camera, mainly because it was in such bad condition. Without going into too much detail I had an argument with my girlfriend at the time (who I believe now has seven children and works behind a meat counter) and in the heat of the moment I kicked my battered T90 into Ulswater Lake. I still wonder if I had not had the camera insured if I would of kicked the thing as hard as I did. Anyhow after a few minutes of rage I ventured into the lake and managed to find the camera thanks to the crystal clear waters of Cumbria (this is not an ad). The camera was a right off, but I was not sad, oh no, I was delighted as now I could get the camera I always wanted. Low and behold, a month later I was the proud owner of a Canon F1...Nice..
Not sure if this the storey of an Optimist or a fraudster... Either way its a nice story.


kieron@mac.com said...

Marcus - I thought your last post was brilliant. Who cares if its a bit morose?! If that's how you were, that's the way it was. I think your blog is one of the best photography sites I've come across so all I can say just keep doing it. I'll buy you a Nero's anyday.

marcus doyle said...

I'm gagging for a cuppa..
Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.
I'm saving up for an espresso maker!