Something worth crying over...

So it would appear that I am becoming a bit of a critique lately with yesterdays post. But my photee friends this is nothing compared to what I beheld today....Please read on......

As I was in town today I decided to check out the new premises for the Photographers Gallery who have decided to move from the center of town to some shady back street opposite what I will politely describe as a gentleman's sauna which goes by the name of Sweatbox. Once in the new gallery surroundings and after climbing more stairs than the emergency exit from Goodge Street Tube, I was subject to the worst show I have ever seen in my life, and I have seen quite a few. Katy Grannan's show The Westerners should have been called; Transvestites Falling Over And losing Their Shoes While looking Really Stupid And Pathetic. Now before I explode in an orgy of critique I should first point out that I do not care, or have any interest in other peoples sexual orientation. This is not about that, its about bad (exceedingly bad) photography. The photographer in question appears to be an intelligent, very well educated individual, but somewhere along the line someone has told her she has a photographic talent. I couldn't agree less. Is this really the best a top London gallery has to offer.

I would say see for yourself, but would not recommend it as its on the top floor of the gallery and you may want to hurl yourself off the top.

I should point out that the images have nice frames..

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