Gerald Edward III

I came across the work of Gerald Edward III today and have to say he is a talented young swine who I believe had Gregory Crewdson as a mentor (my mentor done still life for Birds Eye peas and smoked a pipe).
My only criticism is that there may be too much work on the website, especially the 69 churches project. But this is not necessarily a bad thing and something I think will change as Edward's work matures (not that I think it needs improvement you understand). I needn't talk anyway, I used to have double the images on my site than I do now...

This has got me thinking of how important it is for a photographer to get 'stuck in' early on in their career and find there subject/s so that they may hone their skills and fulfill ones destiny. It can be a frustrating time as the natural pull to overshoot (and sometimes plagiarise) can leave you 'blind' to your own work which is where good critique can be a huge asset.

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