And then there was light, nice soft light good for photographing big bits of ice...

After my last post I did not want the World Wide Web to think there is no talent left in the world and so have to point out that my latest trip to the new Photographers Gallery in London was not in vain. There in the Print Room at the gallery was the most beautiful image (see above) by Stephen Vaughn. The version you see here does not do this masterpiece justice. I have always admired Vaughn's work so it was nice to see a print of perhaps my favorite image of his series Ultima Thule. This is an image I would certainly consider purchasing myself (rather than thinking I can do my own version) which has to be the ultimate compliment (at least it is to me).

You see my friends you do not need to use shock tactics, or photograph a freak show in order to gain respect and produce fine work, any twit with a camera can do that. Just look at the image above, a chunk of ice, nothing could be more simple, but the way the light hits the ice making it look like a giagantic jewel, the composistion and camera technique all help in the creation of this beautiful image. (in other words skill) Its work like this that separates the fruit from the toot.

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Andrew Bruce said...

I too saw this at the photographer's gallery, the 10x8 contact print on the wall and the giant 50x60" print round the back - stunning!