I think he said "Thats Vile"

Well everyone seems to be showing this video short of old Willy Eggy Scone, so I have decided to do the same. Haven't a clue what he is going on about but neither have most people regarding me and this blog. I really hate William Ellgleston's work, but then I find him one of the most inspiring photographers (and important) still around today. I have no interest in images of car number plates or women's hair, but somehow I am drawn in..

While I am at it, and at the opposite end of the photographic spectrum, I thought I would to mention Martin Sholer's Women Bodybuilders. A fascinating subject, but one I have a bit of a problem with;
First off what are these images for? They are presented as 'Art Photography' with the intention that, like his celebrity portraits, they will be sold, put in collections, and hung on peoples walls. But surely These images are the workings of a documentary project or a book, they not something anyone would want to gaze upon over a fine dinner. They are visually vile, in fact they make me want to chunder (throw up). I also cannot help thinking that Scholer has exploited his subjects in the worst way. You earn the subjects trust, say they are beautiful, get what you want, then using the harshest light and high contrast you exploit these testosterone filled HeShe's, stronger than an elephant and more ripped than a loo roll. Its shock tactics and a complete sellout, especially for one so talented.. I don't have a problem with it as a project, its brilliant. Just don't try and fool everyone that its beautiful art because its not. See above. They remind me of those flaming crying baby pictures by Jill Greenburg.

"No thanks love, you're not my type..."

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