No Ones Perfect...

If you had not already heard I am in the middle of producing my next show (blah, blah,blah, like listening to someones holiday stories..)...
Anyway, the images for this London extravaganza are quite big and so for the first time I have had my large format negatives scanned and prepped for printing (matching the image with my original 'C-Type' print). What I have found is that all these people working on my images are so used to making everything spotless and perfect they assume that I want to do the same. For example one of my shots was created with the help of a few ND filters. A combination of too many filters and sea mist resulted in an image which although not out of focus does have a slight softness which I rather like. Once the guys sharpened up the scan and took an entire tool box to the image I was left with an image with an entirely different feel, It looked digital. Of course I reverted back to the original and soon it was just as I had intended.
My point here (as I have probably mentioned before) is that I have never been interested in perfection, its the imperfections that make my work what it is. If theres a plastic cup in my image it because I want it too be there, otherwise I would of picked it up and may be asked passers by to fill it with change. I certainly wouldn't say "I'll get rid of that later"
I would like to think in this photographic world of change I can still produce something 'honest'.
Lets face it, just because an image is technically perfect doesn't mean its any good.

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