Wim Wenders

Still on the subject of Easter, I thought it would be nice to mention Wim Wenders. The image above is from his book 'Pictures From The Surface Of The Earth' and is the road to Emmaus in Jerusalem. I seen the exhibition for the book in London years ago and it blew me away. But the one image that I remember best was 'The Mount OF Olives' with the dumped washing machine in the foreground.
I have always liked things out of context in photography, especially regarding the landscape and I am always on the look out for anything 'out of place'
Although I do like this series of work by Wenders it was not an inspiration like Written In The West
The interview in the book is a true insight into a photographers way of thinking and an added bonus that Wenders uses his photography as a visual aid for his films, in this instance Paris Texas. Wenders is most certainly another early influence on my work as a photographer and I cannot recommend his books enough, even if its just for the written text.

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