It Should Be In My House (Shot Of The Week)

So here it is, my first It 'Should Be In My House' image, or my be I will go with 'Shot Of The Week' (who cares)
I was going to show some Joel Sterfeld (I know, another American photographer) but I just had to show this.
Just a crumbly old picture of a leaf you might say, well turns out this may be the oldest photograph in existence (actually a photo gram, so in negative). There is more information here
At first it was thought to be the work of Willy the Fox Talbot but turns out the 'experts' believe it could be either; Thomas Wedgwood, James Watt or Humphrey Davy and made as early as 1790, a time when the great hairy Mammoth roamed the earth..
People are saying this could change photographic history forever. But you just know that some French man is going to find a photograph of an onion dated around the 1600's.
Still working with Ink Jets.............

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