My old college friend Rik Pinkcombe

I bumped into my old college friend Rik Pinkcombe the other day at the lab (as you do). We hadn't seen each other for several years and we had a chat about what we had been up to. It always fasinates me how a photographers work developes over time. I did mostly nudes at college (I will write about this at some point). Rik portraits., and there we both where in the present with our landscapes.
I find Rik's work quite remarkable and have no idea how he does it, but thats what I enjoy about the work. There isn't too much online (which isn't really a bad thing) but he does exhibit widely. He has a show on at the moment at The Focal Point Gallery in Southend.
I will hopefully look up some of my other college contemporaries and post them here as there are some real talents among them...

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