What I like and what I hate..

In the so called Fine Art Photography market there are two types of buyer. The Serious Collector, this could be an individual or an establishment (museum) that do not necessarily purchase work because they like it, but because they consider it important or perhaps a good investment.
Then there is my much preferred; Avid Collector, or what I would term, people I want to buy the work and put on their wall, not in a drawer, not in a safe, and not in a lock up...
I had a good friend, who also happens to be an Avid Collector of art and photography, acquire one of my pieces recently as a gift. There is probably no room for it in his house which is already full of large and small works as well as a couple of Doyle's, but he will find a space for sure. The joy and overwhelming response from such an acquisition is one of the highlights of doing what I do. The fact that someone wants to hang one of your pictures in their home and look at it everyday is the biggest compliment one can be paid.
Exhibitions are very impersonal affairs, in particular the dreaded Private View . Everyone will tell you the work looks great whether they mean it or not. Dozens will tell you how they 'might buy one' (which they won't), or, which is something I really hate; 'If I win the lottery I will buy one,' which will not happen, so they are basically saying they'd have one, but only if it's for free.
Of course there are occasions were people do come through, which is of course fantastic. But my time is for the people who, don't have enough room, will have to save up a bit, who really shouldn't, but must have it, and in particular; 'I know I have just bought one and my husband will kill me, but can I get another'. Those my friends are the real collectors and lovers of photography..

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Laura said...

Oh I couldn't agree more, bring on the last aforementioned collectors!