Thorny Issue

After almost a whole day of frustrations and plain old crappyness I decided to blow caution to the wind, crab the big camera and check out a place I had been meaning to for some time. How often do you pass by a place and wonder what's behind that wall, or in my case a very dense Bramble thicket, a barbed wire fence, and a small river.
After almost taking out my left eye with a particularly large thorny number, torn pants and some choice Northern shouting, I found myself surrounded by dereliction of which appeared to be something of a once small community. Think caravans, huts, and a rusty old truck. It was as if |I had returned to the Salton Sea, but without the sunshine and the make-a-you-crazy heat.
As with those happy Salton days I made my way into dark places of decay wondering if someone was going to jump out of the shadows. Creepy mirrors and curtains blowing in the wind may make an interesting picture, but they also make you shout obscenities. Happy with my dusty interiors I made for fresh air as the sun began to dip. The light was beautiful and soft so making images was not much effort, a particular joy only one can find when the elements come together..
The best thing about the find is that it is a place I can easily frequent. This always takes the pressure off and I will probably find myself there again providing I have a bad day..

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