'BEYOND THE FLOWERY ROOM, is a photographic project based around memories growing up in the North of England'.

Its a nice title and one which I hope will stand the test of time. (Always nice to have a title and I do love my titles). A title gives a project more of an identity, its a bit like naming a child, or a dog.

I have to say I am really pleased with the way in which this body of work is developing, although I do sometimes feel the need to go off and do something a little epic, like an enormous landscape without meaning or reason. For the MA I took the step of producing small exquisite prints rather than big gallery fodder, something I consider to be a brave move considering I have worked with big prints for more than a decade. Although the images are shot on 5/4 and could be printed as big as a bus stop billboard, I am certain that the small exquisite print works well on this one. I think it can be a real test for a photographer to produce something small , or smaller. So often I think people are overwhelmed by large images and become impressed with there domineering size rather than the image itself, something often experienced at events like Paris Photo which for many years was just full of humongous sized colour prints thanks to the creation of the six foot wide printer. Of course it should be a case of 'what is suitable for the work'. Some images work better big, others work better small. This could be a very debatable topic and one could argue that a good image will work well in all sizes. But at the moment I am keeping it small...... with room for improvement.

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