Do you give a little ?

Blue Car, Little Rock 2002.

I was chatting with a fellow photographer last week about ongoing projects and how often all that hard work can be ruined by some little pip squeak covering the same, or, all too similar project idea.
I have said it many times on here that, 'Someone has either done it, is doing it, or is thinking about doing it,' and I could give countless examples from out and out plagiarism, to sheer coincidence and down right bad luck.
There comes the point when a photographer has to decide whether to show ongoing extracts, perhaps on a wonderful blog like this, or, wait until the work is finished and launch it like a rocket into the fiery cosmos. The latter is the most difficult, but most rewarding, however, it is also the most nerve racking for a photographer. Its a bit like inventing a Time Machine and not being able to tell anyone about it in case the American government find out and use it for evil..
Of course all this is only relevant if the project is any good to begin with. Its an interesting topic that can be applied to any creative process. But the question is, 'Do you save it? or, do you give a little away now and then ?'

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