What happens in Vegas..

Rio, Las Vegas, can't remember date.

If you are in the West End sometime in the next few weeks you can pop in to Diemar Noble, if you like, and see my lovely Rio image in all its glory.
So often people only see my work small and bright on a computer screen, but my intention has always been to show work in a moderate size and in print form. Standing three feet away from a 30/40" image gives the same perspective as if you were really there, well that's my theory. But of course this all depends on lens, depth of field etc, but lets not spoil the moment.

The first time I visited Las Vegas I got married (not to a complete stranger as one might think), since then it was never my intention to return, but somehow I found myself stopping off, usually en-route to somewhere else. I done a bit of memory exercise and worked out that I have been to Vegas twelve times (there may be more that I have chosen to forget) and probably produced enough images to create a small book, but lets not get carried away or we may end up with something like Albert Watson's latest book, Strip Search, a monstrous size of a book in two volumes which I really do not like and looks like its had a lot of money thrown at it. I say this respectfully and still consider AW to be one of the finest photographers around, I just hate the book and find it filled with unnecessary extras..

Vegas probably has more visual photographic content than anywhere else I can think of, but somehow I am yet to see it produce a body of work that I really enjoy, including my own.

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nicky said...

That my friend, is simply stunning