Working Title

Tales From The Crypt 2012.
Dolls House 2012

The Flowery Room 2012

Here's a few wee snippets from my ongoing Masters Project. I really want to come up with a fabulous title, but as I have not awoke in the night with some kind of an epiphany induced heading I shall just go with 'Mercurial Memories Of A Wee Bugger' for now. Wee Bugger was apparently an affectionate term my Mother used when I was a bit naughty, like the time I threw a cantaloupe melon at my sister thinking she would easily catch it with her tiny hands, but instead became unconscious.

Based around childhood memory, we start with Tales From The Crypt, The Crypt being a cave located in the museum where one would hide on school trips and try and scare passers by with howls and monstrous sounds.

Then we have my sisters Doll House, once complete with working lights and a small electric fire (or should I say a red bulb). I decided to photograph the mini house as I found it rather than tidy the furniture and vacuum the carpet. This is simply the way I wanted to depict the subject may refer to my interest in abandoned places (all be it on a tiny scale). It does not suggest a 'broken home' as some have suggested.

Finally we have the Flowery Room. The place were I spent many hours looking up at the peculiar, but reassuring, light filled rectangle of glass while listening to Miami Vice theme tunes longing to be cool.

Now then, where's my tape player...

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