I heard a rumour last week that a gallery was going to show the late Patrick Lichfield's pretty much unknown nude work here in London. Well that rumour was true and they will soon be on show at The Little Black Gallery on the 24th April. More info here.
The work comes from an era when nudes of tall leggy beauties in all kinds of scenarios were very popular and I enjoyed those times in the darkroom in the 90's printing the likes of John Swannell (of which these are reminiscent of), Bailey and the occasional Averdon nude. There were others but I wanted to show off a bit.
In reference to the above nudes, well they may be a little cheesy, but I really like them. They are tasteful and clever, particularly the one in the car. There's no rudeness, or shock tactics, and certainly no retouching.
Now take off that big fur coat and lay in the snow..

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