Broc Field take 2.

Broc Field, UK. 2012
Broc Field, USA. 2006

I mentioned on here last week about returning to a certain themes and subject matter. Last weeks efforts were the haunting urban golf courses of my youth. This week I bring you the stinky Broccoli Field in all its smelly fullness. I have probably shown the Broc Field 2006 image on here many times, but it has done me proud over the last six years and is now in its final edition, so it deserves a little more web time.
The new Broc Field 2012 is not so much a vain attempt to recreate another best seller (for me at least), oh no. This one is a very British affair, made in grey, stormy, wet conditions, the Dark Cloth slapping in ones face together with a bit of bad language and a funny look from the locals.
The only similarities here are Broccoli, and even then the crops are probably very different types. Come to think of it; Can you even grow broccoli here in the UK.?

Well I like it, indeed I like the look of most crops and the uniformity they give in the contrasting landscape..

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