Thats not a phone..

Nokia’s competitors are weeping today , first none were able to cross the mobile photography benchmark set my Nokia N8 and today Nokia trumped them and other camera manufacturers by launching Nokia 808 Pureview with a 41 MP Carl Zeiss Sensor.

It was no easy feat, Nokia made use of Satellite imaging technology and it took 5 years in the making to make this beautiful phone.

Nokia 808 PureView with 41 MP camera

Well this was the big news today, at least it was within the realms of the MA students.

I am incredibly sceptical about this silly camera on phone business and will start by saying; 'this is not a phone, its a camera with a phone on it!' (as mentioned on here a few weeks ago). Secondly, there isn't even a Digital SLR (let alone a compact) with this size MP, so how on earth Nokia can do this I don't know. Thirdly, if it is true about the Pixelage, then how can you store the images with only 16gb storage. Fourthly, I bet the lens is plastic an the size of an Ants eye so what a waste of time.

Technologies aside, if this is at all true, this could really turn 'phones with cameras' upside down. Personally I think its a publicity stunt and a load of old pooy pixels...

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