With the largest amount of snowfall in one lump I have ever seen in that there London, I felt it was my duty to don the long Johns and make haste into the suburban tundra in the early hours this morning. My weapon of choice was my Panoramic Beasty, perhaps not the most appropriate camera for this mornings endeavours, but I fancied a bit of a change from the old 5/4.

One thing I do have is a mighty pair of snow boots which reside in the downstairs loo and only come out on such occasions such as today's avalanche. 'Best thing I have ever bought' I thought as I trudged past an eight foot snowman with a big carrot nose and plastic cups for eyes.

Every year I write the same thing, be it snow, fog, or dramatic weather;
'What better than to explore the familiar which now looks a little different, or in some cases totally transformed'.
Today was no different and everything looked new. Shame my camera took a bit of a beating, somehow getting very wet and a bit tired...

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