Bryan Shutmaat. Heartland series.

Very nice series by Bryan Shutmaat here.

Reminds me of my own work when I spent time in the States and judging by the young lads CV I was around the same age (well may be a little older).

I was having to look through a whole stack of old work the other day, in particular my American images of which there is around 300 or so prints. It's quite sad for me that this body of work never really got exhibited much apart from a few key images (think Monument Diner and Hollywood which are now almost sold out) as I believe it to be some of my finest work. But that's what you get when you swan around with no pressure, an open brief and the open road for three years and then don't anything with the images.
The work feels different now and is indeed more precious as it triggers memories of perhaps better times.

Anyhoo, enough reminiscing. Time for new work...

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