Make it big. Make it cheap...

In this now digital age when every phone has a camera and every camera has its own microchip brain, which incidentally may one day take over the planet so that we become slaves to the Canon 5DS Mark XXIIV which by then will have arms and legs with eyeballs for lenses, and perhaps teeth. I cannot help but wonder how long my now niche market will last. C Type colour is a funny old game in that it does not have the artistic merit of say wet black and white traditional printing or even older processes like Polaroid (joking). The problem now is that with the arrival of the 'Digital C Type' it is harder to convince people that my work is not manipulated or enhanced. Add to that places like Print Space that offer a 50/60" digital C Type print for twenty pence and it does add to the somewhat mass production of the big colour print which was once considered a bit special. This is not a dig at anyone or anything digital, its just an observation of how something can be devalued simply by making it cheaper and more excess able.

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