The snot coloured car and a baldyman.

Picnic, Pula 2011
Green Merc, Pula, 2011

As I mentioned in my last post I often look for similar themes wherever I may be with my camera. Cars (as some will know) often appear in my work although it's been a while since I saw one worthy of a sheet (of film that is). I love the fact that the car is a vile lime green, parked on green grass, in front of a green bush.

Trees, or parts thereof (see above) are another common benefactor in my work. I did make two exposures, one with the baldy man, who I am sure called me a tosser in Croatian, and one without. I do find myself putting humans in my work from time to time, although you would never know. I find that this particular image works well with the small figure adding balance and interest to the image.

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