It seems to be the strangest time for photography at the moment. At least it is for me.
I have been at a crossroads in my career quite a few times, but this is more like a crossroads with an underpass, a suspension bridge and a couple of roundabouts.

Its interesting that I seem to be dusting off a lot of my older images regarding prints sales and interest. For this I have no answer, if I did maybe I wouldn't be walking round the house in track suit bottoms and day dreaming about the simplicity of a 35mm Canon F1, a roll of Tri X Pan and days out with my wee dog Toby the whippet (actually no one knew what he was).

Whilst wading knee deep in negs and contact sheets the other day I was astounded at how much film I used to shoot. I was never concerned with the costs back then (don't forget it was considerably cheaper to shoot film ten years ago). I was hungry for it in a way that's hard to explain. A sort of addictive desperation to go out and shoot. But that's not something I miss as it used to drive me doolally.. I would spend whole nights in the darkroom producing print after print unconcerned with sleeping or eating. I was indeed hungry..
These days things are much slower. The urge to go out and shoot is still there, but it can wait a while. There's prints that need doing, but I need a full belly and a good nights sleep first.

My photography hasn't changed, but everything else has....

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