Whats Seal doing in Calumet.

I did a pic like this once.

So there I was minding my business in London's once great Calumet, mincing around the hundreds of camera ruck sacks and insanely priced tripods, and generally wasting time. When in walks Seal. The man who brought us songs of love and reassurance in an uncertain time.
I would like to write that Heidi Klum was also there and offered to get undressed so that everyone in the shop could take her picture and try out a lovely new Hassleblad with a few different lighting set ups, me having priority because I was the most alluring. But alas this did not happen.

"Where's the Camera section gone." I heard the tall dark handsomeness say in a voice as soft as petals, but as strong tree roots. Where indeed I thought, and suddenly recalled just how many cameras, enlargers and lenses I had bought over the years from this very place.

Calumet is just a shell of a place now. Shame really. But it really says something when even a pop star notices the changes..

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