Juergen Nefzger. from Fluffy Clouds.

The one thing I admire the most in any photographer is dedication. Commitment to a project-be it big or small-in photography has to come from deep within. Some photographers can say exactly why they are driven to do such wonderful things, where as others maybe not so sure and just have an overwhelming desire to get on with it as scenes take hold.
Three of my all time favourite photographers cannot answer the question of why they 'take pictures'. Joel Meyerowitz, Stephen Shore and Joel Sternfeld. At least thats what they say when they're interviewd for the TV programmes I have seen and talks I have heard. They have no sure fire answer, and neither do I. In fact I usually tell people to mind their own business.

The best photography projects are the most simple and need very little explaining. Sure there are whole stories underneath the service, but what the viewer sees first is usually what the photographer seen first.

I first came across the work of Juergen Nefzger a few years back with his Nocturnes series (now a book), but found images cluttered and of no real interest. I thought of them as just images taken at night and nothing else. But then his book Fluffy Clouds came along and I was bowled over by the simplicity and consistency of the images. Its amazing where a single theme can take you and this really is a perfect example of how the simple ideas are usually the best.

I have never been one of those envious photographers. If somebodies work is good, its good, and I will enjoy it. But when a photographer has a good 'project' idea, the dedication to see it through, and the skills to go with it, well that's a little different.


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