Are you a Smudger...?

So there I was this afternoon, camera at the ready, looking out to sea under a storm grey sky somewhere near Margate. As I was about to release the shutter on a 'red cone lying on its side' number, a middle aged gent strolled up to me and said;
"Are you a Smudger....?"
At first I thought I had been propositioned in a way only Uncle Monty knows how and I immediately looked behind me to see if I was standing near a toilet, or a bus stop, giving off some kind of signal.
"I beg your pardon?" Was my reply.
"A Smudger, you know, a photographer.." Replied the dear gent.

Well I have never hear this term before, but soon got that it was a sixties thing with press photographers and those buggers that conned people along the Thames with their empty Box Brownie cameras..
And so after a nice chitty chat about and how Turner happened to paint the very skies I was under that day I went on my way for a bit more smudging.

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