Croatia. Early AM.

It had been a while since I last ventured out early in the AM with my camera (I mostly prefer the workings of late evening, with the mornings I feel like I have to work backwards!).
The early mornings can be a wonderful time with a camera with no one to bother you, wonderful light, peace, quite and the open air. That is of course unless you are somewhere like the seaside town of Brighton where I beheld delights such as; People throwing up luminous liquids on the pebbled beach, townies fighting foreigners around their precious fire, and sprawling drunkards who couldn't remember why or where they were. The highlight of this one particular morning was seeing some scantily clad female in thigh high boots and pink knickers eating something vile and shouting I too sexy for my skirt. But this was toppled by the very drunk old fella who wobbled towards me on his bike and then crashed inches from where I was stood only to then swear profusely and try to cycle away with only one peddle.
For one such as I who has travelled the length and breath of the UK, across America and to remote locations around the globe, this was a slightly unnerving and unexpected experience. Having said that, I often prefer to see the under belly of such places. It certainly makes mornings more interesting..

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