Anne Lass

I for one am always making pictures. Be it in my head as I walk around town like a dandy, with a compact camera as I liaise the coffee shops of London , or on location with the big film beasty.

Although I often feel that I see the world completely differently to everyone else as a photographer, its hard to explain to others unless you physically show them, hence photography.
Anyhow, my favourite kind of photography is the observing kind with images that tell a story and perhaps revealing something new each time you look at it. I often think that on many occasions the photographer will see something new in their own work long after an image has been made, either recorded subconsciously, or without a second thought.

Anne Lass has some very interesting observations on her website, in particular her Geography Of Nowhere series.
To be honest I am not so keen on the light and airy approach to landscape so many photographers do these days, although I do realise the reasoning behind it. Having said that I think it works quite well here.

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