While most folks have taken to a large Mac with a side order of Ink jet prints, I of course, still prefer proper prints. As I have mentioned before the paper manufacturing side of things is in a right tizzy;
So Kodak stopped their manufacture of colour paper in the UK. Then they stopped importing certain surface types (from the USA). Then they stopped importing certain sizes. Then they stopped importing altogether. Then they changed their mind and made a big delivery to Silver Print (a London based photographic supplier). Then there was a riot and all the paper was gone mainly thanks to a few labs thinking they were owed it more than others because they think they are good, when in fact they are crap. There were however a few individuals with a bit of fight left in them that may have managed to slip a box between their shoulder blades and punch a their way to freedom. Of course now there's none left, and people may start lifting weights and training in case there's another delivery, and a riot. As for Fuji paper (the only other colour paper made). Well there goes a similar story. First they stopped importing certain surfaces. Then they stopped importing certain sizes. Then they only imported giant rolls of the stuff. Then they eased up a bit and started to import rolls 12 inches wide and about six miles long. Then they decided to start selling sheets again but for some reason sent rolls of paper to Ilford (who have only ever made black and white paper) to be cut into different sizes. Then Ilford sent the paper back to Fuji in Japan who then stuck a label on the Ilford box and imported it back into the UK. Then they made a big delivery to Silver Print and there was another riot, although this time there was no blood spill as the paper has never been as popular as Kodak.
And now there's none left.. Luckily I still have a roll of Fuji paper in my blacked out garage which seems to be endless, I won in an arm wrestle with a guy from Snappy Snaps (he never had a chance due to his bad posture and skinny forearms).
And so you see my friends, this is the type of silliness one has to put up with these days. Even with a product in demand as much as a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket, these big companies no longer produce products for the public, but for profit alone.

"Why not make Billions when we can make.... Millions.." Doctor Evil, Austin Powers.


Andrew Bruce said...

I have three boxes of Kodak 8x10" glossy, and a box of Fuji 16x20" glossy - pride and joy.
The day that Michael Dyer no longer do handprints is a day that I hope never comes...

marcus doyle said...

Ah Michael Dyer. The finest printers in the land...
As for the paper situation. Its out there somewhere. you just have to get you're hands on it.