Kruno in studio.

I first met Kruno on my first visit to Croatia when he aided my entrance to the old Torpedo factory. After bending a wrought iron door just enough for my slim frame and camera to slip inside, I began to wonder just who this man of iron was.. Years before Kruno had worked at the factory, before that was the ship yard, and before that he was a chef and had his own resteraunt by the sea. Having settled in Croatia some time ago Kruno now spends his days as a sculptor working mostly in iron, steel and sometimes wood. I visited his studio which was like a treasure trove of sculpted goodies. He talked passionately about his work as he made me a fabulous dinner. As we ate surrounded by dust and metal it was easy to find common ground, just two artists not being able to explain why they do what they do, they just do.
We became good friends and share a love for good coffee..

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