As the storm cleared giving way to bright sunshine and soaring temperatures I arrived in Croatia bald and bright.
It all kicked off with a show in the town of Rijeka and a handshake with the mayor. An overwhelming response and a packed out venue left me thinking it wasn't such a bad idea to have an exhibition in a town few people have heard of outside of Europe.
A couple of interviews later (one of which I actually claimed, like a twit, to moisturise everyday to stay looking younger, but that's another story) and a small TV slot for the local news later, and it was time for the Workshop.
The Workshop began with an hour lecture about my work and technique with an emphasis on Night Photography. A small fault with the projector and the fact I had forgotten my notes did not sway me and I soon had an captivated audience young and hungry for photography.
Two hours later we made our way to the sea front through the crowded city streets. The sun was low in the sky and gave way to beautiful light. There was something for everyone, from old men on boats to fantastic views of the city. If you are wondering what on earth I am doing with a tiger pattern towel on my shoulder, well I never packed my darkcloth due to it being weighted at the corners and too heavy to pack (dam those cheap flights). I also thought it might be handy should I fall in the sea, or perhaps go for a little swim.. Back to the workshop and I had timed the outing to end with the students looking out to sea for some night photography and long exposure technique. Safe to say it was a grand evening out and I felt rather proud to see seventeen of my students all enjoying themselves, making photographs, and perhaps learning something new.
But that was not to be the end, oh no Tito. There was to be a second workshop the following day, but in order to get first light it would mean meeting at four in the AM. I gave the option of meeting at this time, or they could arrive later if they wished. So when 4.00 am came and I seen all those tripods ready and eager the next day, I almost shed a tear which would of been fine because I could of dried them with my Tiger Towel..


Reid said...

Your Like Doctor Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. A Teacher and an adventurer! If Adventure had a name it would be Marcus Doyle!!!

marcus doyle said...

You are not in a position to argue.
We shall take what we wish and decide whether or not to blow your ship from the water..

Reid said...

Thats what scares me!

Laura said...

What a fantastic project and exhibition. I wish I had been there to see it. The mighty Marcus has done it again!