He wears sandles..

I always enjoy going to the Tate Modern, even if its just to admire the building and lay in the Turbine Hall with the students. I popped in yesterday to see the Exposed; Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera exhibition and would encourage you to pop along if you get the chance. Admittedly I found the entirety of the show to be a bit of a jumble, but a very interesting jumble at that. Mind you, I had no time for the video installations which I felt lowered the tone and makes you feel like a pervert (may be thats the point).
The highlight of my visit was not paying the ten pound entry fee, which is vile, it was in fact being in the bookshop and hearing a young girl say to her friend; "Whats the point in all these boring photographs, there so unhappy and boring.." To which her friend replied; "Yeah, they look like something my dad would do and he wears sandles."
They where referring to The Düsseldorf School of Photography book. Made me chuckle anyway.
Remember folks, the truth will set you free....

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