15 Kilos is not very heavy..

Torpedo. Rijeka 2010.
Red Lada. Rijeka 2010

The Adriatic's shores are calling once again as I head out to Croatia to what promises to be a fun trip with exhibitions, workshops, lectures and perhaps some diving off big rocks.
I have decided that I would much rather offer my services in places like Croatia that have little in the way of photography than somewhere full to bursting with photographers, photography and photographs. One also has to remember that places like this have not been over photographed, and that my friends is a big issue for the likes of I. Yes, I do feel more appreciated there, and yes I do tire of the UK at times and all its photographically related nonsense.

The title is in reference to the weight restrictions on a Ryan Air flight with check in luggage. My wash bag weighs at least 10 kilos.
Not ideal when you are travelling with a big heavy camera...
Oh and you also have to pay a fiver to use the loo...



Hey Marcus, I'm sad I wont be able to attend your workshop in Rijeka. Hope you have a great time! I was there last weekend for the seminars. Love your work but your blog and attitude are pretty nice also:)
Cheers, Antonija

Reid said...

I appreciate you and I live in the Uk!