Some brief photo news..

No talk of politics on this blog but if a new American president means I can get a green card then I will gladly carry B.O's bags for free or hold open a door. Remember my American brothers, he's just a man..

Anyway, down to blog business.

Old Eddy Burtynsky has a show on at Flowers East entitled Australian Minescapes (almost as good as Nightscapes or my favorite Manscapes, I do wish people wouldn't). Are they aerial shots? or done by way of a big ladder, I just don't know and can't be bothered to find out. Give me an oil field or some toxic waste any day. Nice prints though, on until the 7th Feb.

Apparently some European buffoons are attempting to bring back Polaroid via some rich business men and redundant staff. The Impossible Project, as it is currently known is all I know, but again I have not the energy to look. Besides I hate the stuff.

I shall have some new images on my website soon and will keep you all posted. Hopefully my Bro Nick will find some time to put them on (although he is not aware yet) I know he reads this blog and believe it may be out of pity. I won't be adding the exhibition stuff just yet as no one has seen it apart from my closest allies, besides, if everyone sees the images they may not come to the show, a show which is set to be the only one in town as no other photographer would dare in these present times... Bring it on I say.....

I should write no more as I think its still Blue Monday and I am in a bit of a mood. I haven't eaten much lately due to the credit crunch and working out too much. All I have had in the last 48 hours is a raw potato and some fruity gum. It was a big potato though.

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the blog said...

yes I did read this post so will be expecting them soon... they better be in the correct format.